AI-Microscopy based Disease Diagnostics

Increasing accessibility with reliable and portable diagnostic tools

About Us

We are a student led startup from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune, India. 
We're developing deep learning and microscopy based devices to increase accessibility to reliable diagnostic methods.

Our Work

The Situation


338,500 cases every year in India

Sickle Cell Disease

Upto 44.5% allele frequency

35-40% in Southern India


105,000 cases every year in India

Expensive therapies

Low Awareness

The Problem

Lack of Accessible and Accurate diagnostic tests for diseases in rural populations

Rapid Diagnostic Kit

  • Fast Diagnosis
  • High Error Rate
  • High Cost

PBS Microscopy

  • Expensive
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Variable accuracy

Our Solution

A Portable diagnostic device which provides a Rapid, Cost effective and Accurate Diagnosis, requiring Minimal Human Intervention

  • Portable
  • AI-based
  • Accurate
  • Fast